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    Advanced Exercise Endocrinology presents a comprehensive examination of the relationship between physical activity and hormone function. As the newest addition to Human KineticsÕ Advanced Exercise Physiology Series, this resource offers the most up-to-date information on the quickly advancing field of exercise endocrinology. Written by leading exercise endocrinologist Katarina Borer, Advanced Exercise Endocrinology is an essential reference for exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, and other health professionals researching the connections between exercise, hormone function, and health.

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    With Pool PlayerÕs Edge you will sharpen your strategy and shot-making skills while mastering tactics and techniques in the four most popular forms of the game: 9-ball, 8-ball, straight pool, and one-pocket.

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    BasketballÕs best and most comprehensive drill book is now bigger and better than ever! Youth Basketball Drills, Second Edition, contains 160 drills for mastering every essential skill. Authors Burrall and Patrick Paye have outlined drills and variations that cover the entire scope of the game in both offense and defense. The book shows you how, when, and why to use each drill.

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    Lee Rose has been one of basketballÕs most knowledgeable and respected coaches over the past 50 years at the high school, college, and professional levels. Winning Basketball Fundamentals presents his proven program for success, the same one he used in taking teams from two different colleges to the Final Four.

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    Only WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies takes you inside the minds and playbooks of the premier coaches in the game today. YouÕll learn their secrets, strategies, and insights on game planning, developing offensive skills, preparing for in-game situations, and breaking down the opponentÕs defense and exploiting their weaknesses. With 119 plays, including post, perimeter, situational, and quick-scoring plays, you can be confident your players will be prepared for whatever the opponent throws their way. WBCA Offensive Plays & Strategies provides all the information you need to make the right call every time your team has the ball.

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    Develop your teamÕs dribbling, passing, shooting, and rebounding skills with the Survival GuideÕs collection of the gameÕs best youth drills. For plays and sets that young teams can actually run, flip to the Survival GuideÕs offensive and defensive playbook. And to get the most out of every practice, follow the ready-to-use practice plans.

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    Coaching Youth Basketball, Fifth Edition, will help you run organized practices as you develop your playersÕ fundamental skills. Written by the American Sport Education Program (ASEP), in conjunction with expert coach Don Showalter of USA Basketball, this book covers all aspects of player development that you need to know

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    Morgan Wootten has retired from coaching, but his knowledge of the game remains unsurpassed and keen as ever. Coaching Basketball Successfully contains a wealth of WoottenÕs timeless wisdom. And, in this third edition, Wootten adds even more valueÑthe coaching experiences, methods, and tactics of his son Joe, a successful high school coach himself.

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    Even the most celebrated superstars on the basketball court once had to learn and master the basics of the game. But before they developed their superstar flair, they built a solid base of fundamental skills in all phases of the game.

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