Sport Medicine and Rehabilitation

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    Hard Work: Defining Physical Work Performance Requirements focuses on physically demanding occupations that require strength and stamina, such as law enforcement, structural and wildland firefighting, mining, forestry, and the military. It is the first book to examine the relationship of recruitment practices, physical training, and physical evaluation to the intricate environment of corporations, labor organizations, the legal system, and employment rights.

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    Clinical Exercise Physiology, Third Edition, provides a comprehensive look at the clinical aspects of exercise physiology by thoroughly examining the relationship between exercise and chronic disease.Updated and markedly revised throughout, this third edition reflects important changes that have occurred in the field. It provides professionals and students with fundamental knowledge of disease-specific pathology and treatment guidelines while also guiding readers through exercise testing and training principles for patients with chronic diseases.

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    Students trained in traditional exercise physiology have learned the basic concepts of energy but often donÕt fully understand human energy consumption at the molecular level. Biochemistry Primer for Exercise Science, Fourth Edition, provides an introduction to biochemistry that will give readers greater insight into the molecular aspects of human physical activity.

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    The AthleteÕs Clock: How Biology and Time Affect Sport Performance offers an engaging, interdisciplinary consideration of some of the most compelling questions in sport and exercise science. This unique text takes a broad look at the physiological clock, offering students, researchers, coaches, and athletes a unique approach to understanding how various aspects of time affect sport performance.

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    Advanced Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology uses a mix of biochemistry, molecular biology, neurophysiology, and muscle physiology to provide a synthesis of current knowledge and research directions in the field. The first text devoted solely to the topic, Advanced Neuromuscular Exercise Physiology assists readers in identifying current directions in research and new avenues for exploration.

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    Written for students and professionals working within exercise science and related health professions, Advanced Cardiovascular Exercise Physiology systematically details the effect of acute and chronic exercise training on each component of the cardiovascular system: the heart, the vasculature, and the blood (including blood clotting factors). Readers will gain a comprehensive understanding of the cardiovascular system and learn how to apply this knowledge to their work with athletes, other active individuals, and patients who have cardiovascular risk factors.

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    Pilates for Hip and Knee Syndromes and Arthroplasties provides foundational guidelines and protocolsÑwith specific modificationsÑfor the use of Pilates in increasing core strength, balance, and flexibility and restoring function and range of motion with pre- and postoperative knee and hip syndromes and arthroplasties. Written for Pilates instructors, manual therapists, personal trainers, and physicians, this text introduces Pilates as a safe fitness and rehabilitation tool for individuals with knee or hip conditions.

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    Clinical Mechanics and Kinesiology With Web Resource provides a solid foundation so that students of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and athletic training can understand biomechanics and functional anatomy as they relate to both normal and abnormal movement. Written by active clinicians with more than 40 combined years of clinical and teaching experience, this text is also a practical reference for rehabilitation professionals working with a range of populations and pathologies.

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    Musculoskeletal palpationÑused in examining the size, consistency, texture, location, and tenderness of anatomical structuresÑis recognized by medical professionals as a method for detecting and treating a variety of injuries and medical conditions. A comprehensive guide supported by photos that demonstrate palpation techniques of surface body landmarks, Clinical Guide to Musculoskeletal Palpation assists students and health care professionals in becoming proficient in surface palpation techniques, which are a prerequisite for working in the manual therapy professions.

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