Physical Education

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    Teaching Personal and Social Responsibility Through Physical Activity, now entering its third edition, attests to author Don HellisonÕs ability to shape and develop character and responsibility in children. Perhaps the success of HellisonÕs book can be attributed to his status not only as a highly respected scholar-activist but as a teacher in the trenches working with inner-city kids.

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    Whether you are new to teaching cross-country skiing or an experienced instructor, Teaching Cross-Country Skiing has everything you need for delivering a fun and successful learning experience for children and young adults. This complete teaching tool offers foundational information, teaching aids, and 30 detailed lesson plans aligned to current National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) standards. Cross-country skiing offers an excellent opportunity to get out of the gym and beat those winter blues! Easy on the joints and offering benefits for the cardiovascular system, muscular development, and coordination, cross-country skiing is an activity that both young and old can enjoy.

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    Student-Designed Games: Strategies for Promoting Creativity, Cooperation, and Skill Development helps teachers and youth leaders make games fun again. This innovative, step-by-step guide helps students from early elementary school through college design their own games.

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    In Secrets to Success in Sport & Play: A Practical Guide to Skill Development, author Marianne Torbert provides insights into biomechanical principles that will help parents, players, teachers, and coaches understand how to creatively and scientifically improve playersÕ skills.

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    Scooter Games is an easy-to-use book that will help you find creative ways to integrate cooperative, tag, relay, team, or interdisciplinary scooter activities into your curriculum. Through the more than 100 productive and ready-to-use activities in Scooter Games

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    ThatÕs where the third edition of Positive Behavior Management in Physical Activity Settings, Third Edition comes in. This resource will help you not only overcome those and other discipline challenges, but also use tried-and-true, positive techniques to develop appropriate and responsible behaviors and good character among all learners.

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    Physical Education for Lifelong Fitness: The Physical Best TeacherÕs Guide is a practical, field-tested tool that provides teachers with strategies to emphasize health-related fitness while maintaining all the components of their existing programs. It also guides teachers in developing effective new fitness education programs.

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    National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education focuses on measurable outcomes, empowering physical educators to help students become physically literate individuals. Created by SHAPE America this text presents the new SHAPE America National Standards for K-12 Physical Education, which have been retooled to support studentsÕ holistic development.

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    Capitalize on teensÕ fascination with technology! Heart Education: Strategies, Lessons, Science, and Technology for Cardiovascular Fitness uses heart monitoring technology to help students learn concepts of cardiovascular fitness in a fun and innovative way. With the benefits of immediate and constant feedback, heart rate monitoring technology provides an engaging way for students to monitor their exercise sessions.

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