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    Reduce the possibility of accidental chemical exposure to your employees and satisfy OSHA Hazard Communication Standard compliance with Safe Chemical Handling for Lifeguards and Pool Operators: A Complete Training Program and Compliance Kit. This compliance kit includes a training video, training script, student handouts, and helpful resources for use at any aquatic facility where chemicals are handled.

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    The activities from the book Water Fun come to life in the Water Fun DVD. These aquatic activities are ideal for participants of all ages and skill levels because theyÕre easy on the joints, they donÕt cause heat stress, andÑmost importantÑtheyÕre fun! The majority of the 57 activities included on the DVD occur in shallow water and require little, if any, swimming skill. Terri Lees hosts and narrates this DVD that is divided into five segments:
    1.Levels of Performance. 2.Aqua Basics. 3.Sports Aqua. 4.Partner Stunts and Skills. 5.Water Games That Train

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    The Lifeguard Vigilance Training DVD helps ensure lifeguards meet the challenges of staying alert and prepared while on the job. For the first time ever, two videos, Disappearing Dummies: Why Lifeguards CanÕt See and the Five Minute Scanning Strategy, are combined conveniently on one DVD. World-renowned aquatic safety expert Dr. Tom Griffiths explains the challenges caused by visual body blindness and introduces new techniques to stay more alert and focused while lifeguarding.

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    Before developing an attack strategy for opponents, you need to develop a game plan centered on your strengths. Know Your Own Game sets up several match situations to assess your skills and determine the style you should play, and then it solidifies your game with key drills and games you can use in practice. ItÕs like hiring your own elite-level tennis coach!

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