Sports Psychology

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    Athletes, fans, coaches, and sport psychologists all know the power of self-efficacy in sport. With this new book, students, researchers, and practitioners now have a go-to reference on efficacy research packed with psychological strategies for helping athletes, teams, and coaches overcome specific weaknesses. Self-Efficacy in SportÑthe first book devoted entirely to this important topicÑcompiles over 30 years of burgeoning self-efficacy research into a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis.

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    Measurement in Sport and Exercise Psychology provides a complete analysis of the tools and methods used in sport and exercise psychology research. Each chapter of this accessible text presents key measurement variables and concepts, including their definitions; an evaluation of the measurement constructs and tools available; and an explanation of any controversies in each topic. The text includes access to an online resource that presents 14 measurement instruments in their entirety. This resource also contains additional web links to many other measurement instruments.

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    As the leading text in sport and exercise psychology, Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology, Sixth Edition With Web Study Guide, provides a thorough introduction to key concepts in the field. This text offers both students and new practitioners a comprehensive view of sport and exercise psychology, drawing connections between research and practice and capturing the excitement of the world of sport and exercise.

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    Critical Essays in Applied Sport Psychology is a thought-provoking collection of 16 essays discussing the fieldÕs traditions, research models, and practices. The editors have brought together a team of internationally recognized sport psychologists with backgrounds in various disciplines to offer insights into sport cultures ranging from youth sport to professional sport. The authors of these cutting-edge essays ask challenging questions about the current state of applied sport psychology, addressing the priorities of the field, its research methods, and its effectiveness in preparing students for research and consulting.

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    Anger management is becoming an increasingly significant area of study in sport. This issue affects all people involved in the sporting environment, yet few sport professionals, coaches, or administrators fully understand anger in sport and how to work with athletes to overcome the problem. Anger Management in Sport: Understanding and Controlling Violence in Athletes addresses this important topic and provides strategies and interventions for overcoming excessive anger and aggression in athletes. The provocative book challenges long-held assumptions and points the way to further research and discussion.

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    Advances in Motivation in Sport and Exercise, Third Edition, presents the most current information in sport and exercise motivation, including discussion of new research surrounding self-determination theory and goal achievement theory, traditional topics of goal setting and self-efficacy, and newer areas of attention such as passion and perfectionism. Readers not only will gain knowledge in one of the leading areas of sport psychology research but also learn how the research can inform their current practice.

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    Sport Psychology for Coaches provides information that coaches need to help athletes build mental toughness and achieve excellenceÑin sport and in life. As a coach, youÕll gain a big-picture perspective on the mental side of sport by examining how athletes act, think, and feel when they practice and compete. YouÕll learn to use such mental tools as goal setting, imagery, relaxation, energization, and self-talk to help your athletes build mental training programs. YouÕll also see how assisting your athletes in developing mental skills such as motivation, energy management, focus, stress management, and self-confidence leads to increased enjoyment, improved life skills, and enhanced performance

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    With Inside Sport Psychology, youÕll discover the relationship between mind, body, and performance. Learn about the techniques that have proven successful for todayÕs top athletes and teams and how you can adapt and apply them in both training and competition. In this essential guide, renowned sport psychologists Costas Karageorghis and Peter Terry explain how to elevate performance through the application of evidence-based strategies and techniques

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    YouÕll learn to focus for excellence while living and enjoying life to the fullest. YouÕll gain a more positive outlook, a more focused commitment, better ways of dealing with distractions and pressures, and strategies for overcoming obstacles. YouÕll also achieve greater personal and professional satisfaction and discover better ways to work with teammates, respond more effectively to coaching and guidance, and become more positive and self-directed in your thoughts and actions.

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