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    Springboard and Platform Diving is the authoritative guide to the sport. Thoroughly researched and painstaking compiled, it covers it all, including coaching, competition, and conditioning. Internationally renowned coach Jeff Huber has worked with divers at all levelsÑfrom novice to OlympianÑfor more than four decades. Now that lifetime of knowledge, analysis, and expertise is distilled into Springboard and Platform Diving.

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    John Howard, three-time Olympian and 18-time national masters cycling champion, has created the ultimate cycling guide for serious riders, triathletes, and masters athletes. Cyclists from 18 to 88 will benefit from the targeted approach that covers these essentials. In addition, Mastering Cycling guides you in equipment selection, event-specific training, motivational strategies, nutrition, hydration, and selecting cycling clubs, coaches, and competitive events. With such comprehensive coverage, it is the one resource youÕll turn to time and time again for a lifetime of serious cycling.

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    Fitness Cycling provides the most effective workouts for achieving peak physical conditioning. As a cyclist and physician for one of the sportÕs leading teams, author Shannon Sovndal provides a detailed approach to cycling that will help you increase strength, speed, stamina, and overall fitness. Fitness Cycling features 56 workouts based on specific aspects of riding, such as base building, interval training, sprint and hill climbing, and time trialing. Each workout is color coded for intensity level, so you can create a targeted program based on your goal, current fitness level, and cycling experience.

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    Author Daimeon Shanks takes a straightforward Òyou can do itÓ approach to maintaining and repairing your bike so itÕs ready to go when you are. Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair provides simple step-by-step instructions, accompanied by up-close photos, illustrations, and advice, for more than 100 repairs.

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    Long-time distance cycling great John Hughes, an endurance coach and sport science expert, and coach Dan Kehlenbach team up to cover the sport from every angle. Combining sport science, including the latest research on training and conditioning, with hands-on advice for planning and performance, Distance Cycling will ensure you get the most from every ride.

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    Cycling Fast is the best resource for any rider with a firm grasp on biking basics and a desire for the thrill of competition. Armed with advice, insights, and instruction from renowned coach and cyclist Robert Panzera, youÕll be ready for every race and every challenge.
    From bike preparation to competitive tactics, Cycling Fast provides the essential information youÕll need in order to master each event:
    Cycling Fast also includes the latest information on new high-tech racing frames, training with a power meter and heart rate monitor, and coordinating your tactics as part of a team.

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    Increase speed, power, endurance, and efficiency with Cutting-Edge Cycling. YouÕll learn how to apply the latest in cycling research, science, and technology to train smarter, ride longer, and race faster. Renowned cycling coach Hunter Allen and leading scientist Stephen Cheung share the most recent biomechanical, physiological, and technical advances and research, why they matter, and how you can incorporate them for maximal training and optimal performance.

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    Cutting Edge Cricket has brought together unrivalled advice on playing and coaching cricket from 38 of AustraliaÕs most legendary players and coaches. Covering every aspect of cricket play you will learn and appreciate how the greatest players in AustraliaÕs cricket history reached the pinnacle of their game.

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    The great Sir Donald BradmanÕs test-match batting average of 99.94 is an achievement matching that of any other sporting great. Now, you can achieve greatness as well with Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game.In this one-of-a-kind collection, the worldÕs top players and coaches share their secrets, guidance and advice on every aspect of the game. From batting to bowling and fielding to coaching, Cricket: 99.94 Tips to Improve Your Game covers it all.

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