Recreation and Leisure Sports

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    Team-Building Activities for the Digital Age will help you promote interpersonal communication and encourage young people to positively express their individuality and build face-to-face relationships by using technology. The activities use the technology that young adults thrive onÑincluding cell phones, social networking sites, MP3 players, blogs, and digital camerasÑas an opportunity for education and enlightenment. Each of the activities serves as the basis for discussion about topics such as diversity and cultural sensitivity, teamwork and problem solving, self-reflection and self-exploration, stereotypes, communication and self-expression, and observation and discernment.

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    Sustainable Tourism: Business Development, Operations, and Management lays out a road map to launching and building a business in one of todayÕs most exciting industries. It simplifies the process and outlines real-life requirements while clearing the path to new business success in the cultural, heritage, nature, and adventure fields. Written by an eco-development pioneer, the book offers guidance on developing and implementing a comprehensive sustainable-business plan. From analyzing the market all the way through hiring and training the right people, the text focuses on the principles of both tourism and business. It prepares those embarking on new careers to tackle the complexity of sustainability issues by thinking like entrepreneurs and acting like business owners. Students and professionals can rely on this text as both a start-up and ongoing implementation reference that will stack the odds of success in their favor.

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    Recreational Sport is designed precisely with that need in mind. This text provides a contemporary perspective of recreational sport management, offering a comprehensive picture of recreational sport management for people in or entering all sectors of recreation and leisure, including public, nonprofit, private, and commercial.

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    Recreation facility management is a complex responsibility. Professionals in this field are responsible for various types of facilitiesÑrecreation centers, water parks and pools, playgrounds, parks, fitness centers, sport complexes, and resortsÑeach with its own set of goals and challenges. Recreation Facility Management: Design, Development, Operations, and Utilization provides students and new professionals with a basic understanding of recreation facilities and prepares them to perform the duties required of a recreation facility manager.

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    Race, Ethnicity, and Leisure: Perspectives on Research, Theory, and Practice brings together 28 world-renowned researchers who provide a comprehensive review and unified perspective on leisure in relation to five minority populations in the United States and Canada: African Americans, Latino Americans, Asian North Americans, Indigenous peoples, and religious minority groups.

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    No one can argue against wanting a better quality of lifeÑand Principles of Sustainable Living: A New Vision for Health, Happiness, and Prosperity provides keen insight into how to achieve that so that individuals, communities, and the environment all come out winners.

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    Continuing education and development are of the utmost importance if you want to advance in the field. Whether youÕre a graduating student or a new professional preparing for certification or a veteran practitioner looking to update your knowledge of current best practices, The Park and Recreation ProfessionalÕs Handbook is the one resource you will need.

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    Leisure Services Financial Management equips students and professionals with the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, analyze, and report on the financial operations of leisure service agencies, businesses, and organizations. This unique text examines financial management systems, standards, and practices in recreation, leisure, tourism, and related fields, making it an essential reference for both future and current professionals.

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    Leisure and Aging: Theory and Practice provides students and professionals with a balanced perspective of current knowledge as it presents cutting-edge research from the fields of both gerontology and leisure studies. Written by authors from various disciplines who represent an international whoÕs-who in leisure and aging research

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