Physical Education

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    Tumbling Basics helps teachers new to tumbling break down each skill into small, easy-to-teach steps. This book focuses on seven tumbling skills that provide the basis for any tumbling program. With Tumbling Basics, you can learn how to safely teach the essential skills needed for tumbling.

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    Survive and Thrive as a Physical Educator: Strategies for the First Year and Beyond will help you face the unique challenges of teaching and support your development as a physical educator. Practical and reader friendly, Survive and Thrive as a Physical Educator is filled with the most current information plus examples based on the author’s experiences as both a K-12 teacher and a college instructor who prepares future teachers. You’ll also find a wealth of information on handling day-to-day issues, such as adapting to the work environment, understanding the school culture, communicating with parents, and behavior management.

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    Play Practice: Engaging and Developing Skilled Players From Beginner to Elite, Second Edition, provides an alternative to traditional sport instruction. This innovative and authentic approach to teaching sports combines contemporary theory with the experience of practical and reflective work in real sport environments.

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    Current estimates are that 1 out of 88 children will be diagnosed with some form of autism. Planning a curriculum that includes all students, including those with ASD, can be a challenging task but well worth the effort. This book identifies strategies that highlight studentsÕ skills, interests, and abilities though collaborative practices, environmental design, and assistive technologies.

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    With More Teaching Games for Understanding: Volume II Moving Globally, you can learn and apply an innovative approach to teaching games that has been used around the world for 30 years in school and sport settings.

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    Introduction to Teaching Physical Education: Principles and Strategies is the perfect initiation for undergrads planning to become teachers. The text provides them with a solid background on the physical education field along with the ins and outs they need to know to become successful K-12 professionals. No other introductory text so successfully blends the theoretical, practical, and inspirational aspects of teaching physical education, combining authoritative information with a highly engaging style.

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    In the latest edition of his book Fitness Education for Children: A Team Approach, Stephen Virgilio emphasizes the importance of collaboration to combat obesity and promote active lifestyles. Virgilio shows how you can combine the efforts of physical educators, administrators, classroom teachers, school volunteers, parents, school lunch personnel, health service professionals, and others in the community.

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    Enhancing ChildrenÕs Cognition with Physical Activity Games, written by three authorities in teacher education, exercise physiology, and sport science, shows you how to apply current concepts in child development, cognitive science, physical education, and teacher training to create movement-based learning experiences that benefit children both physically and mentally. You will be guided in creating environments that lend themselves to cognitive development and enhanced academic achievement. And you will understand not only how to create games to foster cognitive development but why such games are so useful in developing the whole child.

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    This new edition of Complete Guide to Sport Education contains everything your students need to getÑand keepÑchildren active. Regardless of skill or confidence level, your students will learn how to get children to work together, support each other, and gain competence in sport and fitness skills so that they can stay moving now and throughout their lifetime. The Sport Education model is appropriate for various dance forms and recreational activities such as swimming, weightlifting, and other fitness programs such as aerobic routines and hiking.

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