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    Worksite Health Promotion, Third Edition, provides a step-by-step approach to planning, implementing, and evaluating programs. Readers will explore key topics such as assessing employeesÕ needs, setting appropriate goals, gaining management buy-in, budgeting, and program evaluation. They will also find full coverage of programming issues, including strategies for developing programs for healthy lifestyles, medical self-care, and disability management. The specific challenges of programming for small businesses and multisite workplaces are also addressed.

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    In Winning Health Promotion Strategies, the author shares tips, techniques, and success stories based on her experiences implementing the governorÕs award-winning Get Fit Rhode Island program, which was instrumental in Rhode IslandÕs being named the first Well State in the nation by the Wellness Councils of America. She has also gathered examples from model initiatives and evidence-based programs and advice from experts in the wellness industry that will help you better understand all of the factors involved in starting or improving your own initiatives. The book provides everything you need to succeed, whether your goal is to start a new program or to increase the visibility of existing programs:

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    In Reversing the Obesogenic Environment, leading researchers Lee, McAlexander, and Banda introduce the concept of the obesogenic environmentÑan environment that leads people to become obeseÑand explore ways that changing our environment can encourage healthier choices.

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    PublicÐPrivate Partnerships in Physical Activity and Sport is a guide for nonprofit, charity, and sport organizations in developing and maintaining strategic and responsible relationships with corporate partners. With its comprehensive and practical examination, this text is also relevant to private sector corporations seeking public sector partners and for agencies seeking to broker such partnerships.

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    Motivating people to get moving for health and wellness just got easier with Promoting Physical Activity, Second Edition. This guide for community action offers the tools and information you need to help people get off the couch and on their way to healthy living. If you want to encourage your community or group members to hop on their bike, take the stairs, or walk the neighborhood, Promoting Physical Activity, Second Edition, is for you.

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    With contributions from internationally renowned experts, Physical Activity and Mental Health presents research illustrating how the use of physical activity can enhance well-being and reduce the impact of potentially debilitating mental health conditions. Written for students, researchers, and professionals in exercise science, fitness, and health care fields, Physical Activity and Mental Health details the factors that influence the relationship between mental health and physical activity as well as the benefits of physical activity in dealing with mental illnesses such as AlzheimerÕs disease, depression, schizophrenia, and addictive behaviors. Readers will learn how promotion of physical activity can lead to a greater sense of well-being or act as a medical intervention

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    Physical Activity and Health Guidelines compiles the latest recommendations from various leading sources and organizations into a single text. This one-of-kind resource provides quick reference to physical activity and health recommendations for healthy people and for those with chronic conditions across all age groups. All readersÑphysicians, physical therapists, fitness professionals, and general fitness enthusiastsÑwill be able to locate individualized recommendations regarding appropriate levels and types of physical activity.

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    Implementing Physical Activity Strategies highlights innovative and proven physical activity programs under way in eight sectors: education; mass media; health care; parks, recreation, fitness, and sports; business and industry; public health; transportation, land use, and community design; and volunteer and nonprofit organizations. For each, readers will find an explanation of how the physical activity program was executed, how it aligns with the NPAP, the target population of the program, cross-sector collaborations and their benefits, and assessments of program effectiveness.

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    Foundations of Physical Activity and Public Health is the first textbook to clearly define the intersection of kinesiology and public health. Authors Kohl and Murray, both leaders in the field, offer a solid introduction to the concepts of public health and kinesiology, the techniques used to measure physical activity, and the health effects of exercise and physical activity. The scientific findings and applications that led to the emergence of the field of physical activity and public health are also examined. Students will come away with a greater understanding of how experts from both fields can work together to advance the use of physical activity for the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and other health issues.

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