Dance and Gymnastic

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    Coaching Youth Gymnastics covers all the basics of coaching and gymnastics in a concise style that is customized for entry-level gymnastics coaches. Developed by ASEP in cooperation with USA Gymnastics, this one-of-a-kind book offers a unique blend of general coaching and sport-specific information. The bookÕs 600-plus photos will help you understand skill technique and decide what skills to teach your athletes.

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    Writing About Dance is a comprehensive guide that provides an array of tools for students to use as they explore various kinds of dance writing. And it helps dance teachers incorporate more writing in their classes, enhancing their studentsÕ learning. Student-tested in a variety of classes, including dance technique, dance history, and dance appreciation,

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    Studying Dance: A Guide for Campus and Beyond is a comprehensive bridge for students transitioning into the first year of a college dance program. Through this text, students will understand dance in new and exciting ways, embrace it as an academic discipline, navigate and take charge of their dance education, and visualize potential careers after graduation.

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    Enter Safe Dance Practice, by Edel Quin, Sonia Rafferty, and Charlotte Tomlinson. With nearly 60 years of collective experience in the dance profession as creative artists, teachers, and researchers, the authors translate extensive research and evidence-based practice in order to present the principles of safe practice that are essential to any dance experience.

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    Public Scholarship in Dance is a dance-specific guide that provides examples of what others have done and suggestions for ways dance educators can evaluate their own projects or work for scholarship. Complete with research, teaching, performance, assessments, and dissemination tools, it is a total package that supports dance educators in their professional development through public scholarship and community engagement.

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    Music Fundamentals for Dance helps dancers understand of the elements of musicÑform and structure, musical time, melody, texture, and score readingÑand how they relate to dance performance and choreography. They will learn music vocabulary for easier communication with other dancers, musicians, and conductors. Overviews of musical forms, styles, and genres are complemented by an examination of their relation to dance and choreography.

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    As dance training evolves and becomes more complex, knowledge of motor behavior is foundational in helping dancers learn and master new skills and become more efficient in integrating the skills. Motor Learning and Control for Dance is the first resource to address motor learning theory from a dance perspective. Educators and students preparing to teach will learn practical ways to connect the science behind dance to pedagogy in order to prepare dancers for performance. Dancers interested in performance from the recreational to professional levels will learn ways to enhance their technical and artistic progress.

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    Lesson Plans for Creative Dance: Connecting With Literature, Arts, and Music is a resource for physical educators, classroom teachers, and dance specialists as well as a useful supplement to college level elementary education courses. Author Sally Carline has tested and refined the creative movement activities that she has prepared for educators and for preservice teachers, and she includes background material that will ground you in understanding how to best teach and incorporate movement activities in a variety of classes and settings.

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    The dance world is filled with technique books, which certainly serve an important role in helping dancers improve their performance. But the market has been conspicuously void of instruction on a vital aspect of dance performance: the mental aspect. By providing tools and strategies to enhance their mental toughness, dancers will be able to become more proficient and consistent in their dance performances, in addition to maintaining their wellbeing.

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